Hello and Goodbye

It's time to say goodbye to Nick Smith, the very first web producer that the Tucson Weekly (and our sister publication Inside Tucson Business) ever had.

Why is Nick leaving? For the same reason that most web producers leave their jobs: to move to Austria, of course. You can check out his parting words on this week's Weekly Wide Web page.

We created our web producer position a little more than a year ago to handle the day-to-day management of our various "new media" arms. Nick's done a bang-up job handling our Facebook and Twitter pages (and MySpace ... yes, we still have a MySpace page, for some reason), producing and editing videos for TucsonWeeklyTV, watching over TAMMIES.com, helping us define the direction of TucsonWeekly.com, writing his weekly column and doing all sorts of other stuff, both little and big. He was also a pretty decent leadoff hitter for our winless and (now sadly defunct) softball team.

Taking Nick's place is Dan Gibson. He's done a variety of things in marketing and advertising—he once had the very Dwight Schrute-esque title "assistant to the sales manager"—and has done freelance writing for a number of different companies; most pertinent to this gig is the time he spent toiling for the Phoenix New Times, both as an employee in their online department and as a music freelancer. There's no word on his softball skills, although I hear he's pretty good at registering voters at rock concerts.

Welcome, Dan. Nick, you'll be missed.

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