Pima Community College Gets Off Probation, March 9

Just as the Higher learning Commission will keep a watchful eye on our community college, so must we. Let's not forget that three of the five PCC Governing Board members who are responsible for PCC being placed on probation are still on the board. Fortunately, there are now two new board members. In 2016 our community will have the opportunity to elect one more new PCC Governing Board member. It is important that we take advantage of that opportunity and elect someone to replace Scott Stewart.

—Dave Gallagher

First Starve the Beast, Then Starve Education and Social Services, March 9

So, Bisbee boi, does being a whacko environmentalist also mean that I want clean, potable water?

Anyone who quotes Rush Limbaugh, unless in parody, really needs to broaden their horizons and turn off the "Hate Radio". There is also a difference between smoking marijuana, and abusing Oxycontin until you lose your hearing. When he wasn't getting snagged with Viagra on a privately chartered plane to go on a Sex Tour in South America - primarily concentrating on underage sex workers. He then protected the sanctity of heterosexual Christian marriage by celebrating his FOURTH wedding, where prominent homosexual Elton John performed for $1 MILLION of Rush's cash.

At this point, if you are primarily listening to American Media sources, you are not getting any real news.

—Old Pueblo Independent

Bluefin Seafood Bistro Will Close in May, March 9

The new owners better not bank too heavily on the new traffic brought in by Whole Foods. That's going to even off and long-lasting restaurants like Bluefin and Wildflower are what keep people like me shopping there. If we go to dinner at Bluefin, I inevitably want to go to Frost afterward, and we window shop in the stores. If I'm only there for Whole Foods I'll never venture past its edifice.

—Madeline Bresler

Gio Taco in Downtown is Closed, March 9

Hopefully a craft cocktail bar with 15 dollar drinks will open in the same spot. Downtown needs more shaved ice. And pizza.

—Murrey Gellman

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