"Maker House to Close in April" (March 2, 2015)

I am literally heartbroken. The Maker House was my home away from home, a place that enriched my life by meeting new people and providing new things to try.

Ezekial Huerta

Sign of the times...a great place like this closes, and probably another Frat Boy 'Sup Bra' douchebag club will open to cater to the little shitbags from Scottsdale down here on daddy's money.

-Mike Pike is God

What a brilliant observation, Carlos Castro. So...using that reasoning and the observation that 90% of startups fail in the first two years, that must mean that only 10% of startups are being founded by conservatives. What's wrong? Conservatives can't spell "entrepreneur?" Also, you are apparently unaware of the fact that the founders of Maker House have had a number of successful startups and that they are working on new projects right now. Anyone who is a real "job creator" knows that not every venture will succeed - even ones with brilliant concepts and a dedicated core of customers, like Maker House. All your post has proven is why "conservative thought" is an oxymoron.

-Dan Stormont

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