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It's Thanksgiving! Here's the stuff for which I am thankful:

• Leo W. Banks' cover story! "Smugglers' Paradise" is a startling look at an area rather close to metro Tucson that is suffering from violence and lawlessness due to drug-smugglers. Check it out here.

• Commenters at TucsonWeekly.com! Our last two cover stories—"Your Tax Dollars at Work," by Tim Vanderpool, and "Education vs. Fear," by Mari Herreras—have received a number of ... um, fascinating comments from readers. My favorite recent comment, left on "Your Tax Dollars at Work," reads, in part: "Got Papers???? My grandmother dose my grandfather dose I see no feer in anyone I know ... they don't have to be worried about the B.P. cops feds Ice.... WoW the poor border jumpers, get so scwreed go get PAPERS and you won't have to be so stressed............"

I don't know what that means, but it's fascinating! I can't wait to see the comments that we get on Leo's story.

• The Beyond the Border project! As Mari Herreras noted in TQ&A three weeks ago, it's a joint project between the UA School of Journalism and New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. The students from New York came here to cover border-related issues, and the UA students went to New York to do the same. Next week, we'll share—both in print and online—the stories the UA students came back with. Trust me: You will be impressed. Don't miss it.

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