Happy Earth Day!

If you’re a longtime Tucson Weekly reader, you might recognize the image on this week’s cover: The photo of Ed Abbey graced our front page way back in 1989, for a tribute issue shortly after the legendary environmental writer’s death. As far as I know, it’s the first time we’ve used the same image twice on a Weekly cover, but given that author Doug Peacock is writing about how he went about acquiring a “slow elk” for Abbey’s wake, it seemed appropriate.

The story is an excerpt from Peacock’s new book, Was It Worth It? A Wilderness Warrior’s Long Trail Home. Peacock, a onetime Tucson resident (and the model for George Washington Hayduke in Abbey’s best-known novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang), recounts many episodes in his life, including travels from the high Arctic to Siberia in the service of conservation efforts. It’s a terrific read, so add it to your summer book list. And since we’re celebrating Earth Day this week, be aware that he closes the book with a dire warning about climate change and the peril it poses for humanity and so many other species on the planet.

Elsewhere in the book this week: Columnist Tom Danehy tackles a variety of topics, including the question of whether eSports are actually sports; Camila Pedrosa of Cronkite News tallies up the raging waterfall of money in this year’s Arizona Senate race; managing editor Jeff Gardner previews this week’s Arizona International Film Festival; UA School of Journalism intern Allison Fagan looks at the celebration of the 100th birthday of Nogales native and jazz legend Charles Mingus; XOXO columnist Xavier Omar Otero tells you about all the great music you can hear this week (including a performance by Earth, Wind and Fire), Tucson Weedly columnist David Abbott counts up February’s cannabis sales; calendar editor Emily Dieckman lets you know where to have some fun this week; and there’s plenty more if you dig around our pages, so enjoy.

Finally, a correction: In last week’s Tucson Weedly, we spoke too soon when we said that Sublime was no longer making that delicious lemon tea cake. While it might be hard to order online, you can still find it on dispensary shelves.

Jim Nintzel

Executive Editor

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