Half-Inches, Food Issues

Some things worth knowing ...

• Starting next week, the print version of the Tucson Weekly will be just a tiny bit smaller. We'll be printed on 24-inch newsprint; right now, we're printed on 25-inch paper. Without getting too technical, this all means that from top to bottom, the paper will be a half-inch shorter.

Why are we doing this? Two reasons: quality and money. We've been printed for the last several years at a printer in Mesa, and by moving to a Tucson printer (in this case, Tucson Newspapers--yes, that's the publisher of the Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen, I know), we'll save a lot of money by not having to pay for trucking from the Phoenix metroplex each week. We'll also have better print quality, if the test copies we've received are any indication. The downside is that Tucson Newspapers uses the slightly smaller 24-inch paper ... so the Weekly has to as well.

Even though Tucson Newspapers will be printing the Weekly from now on, that company has nothing else to do with us. Period. Nothing. And thank God for that.

• On a completely different note ... last Friday, I attended the Tucson Museum of Art's Crush event. It was a fantastic wine/food party--even if it was a near-perfect copy of the Tucson Culinary Festival.

Anyway, I am pretty damn sure that one of the presenting restaurants--a restaurant that has enjoyed some degree of acclaim around town--was essentially serving up heat/present-and-serve dishes from Costco. I cannot prove this, and therefore I won't name the restaurant (so don't ask), but I just want to say to that restaurant: That's just tacky. And we have our eye on you.

• Finally, the ballot for the 22nd annual Best of TucsonTM is here! Check it out in the print edition or online. Please fill one out ... and no ballot-stuffing, OK?

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