Greetings from Tuscon

Some random thoughts ...

· We here at Weekly World Central recently received an e-mail, from someone who claims to be a Tucsonan, that starts out like this:

Does Tuscon Weekly do book reviews? My book just came out ...

Two things:

1. If you claim to be from be from Tucson, yet can't

spell Tucson, I don't think we need to subject one of our poor book reviewers to anything you've written.

2. If you are unwilling to research whether we do reviews or not--by, say, going to our Web site and noticing in the navigation bar the word BOOKS--you're a douchebag.

· Thanks to all of you who have called and/or written to let me know you took action and called Sens. Jon Kyl, John McCain and/or Mitch McConnell regarding Kyl's unethical, undemocratic hold on the OPEN Government Act of 2007, which would give more teeth to the Freedom of Information Act. If you have not called one or all of these senators yet, but have been meaning to, please do so. Their phone numbers: McCain, (202) 224-2235; McConnell, (202) 224-2541; Kyl, (202) 224-4521.

· On a personal note ... I have been out of town for parts of each of the last four weeks due to a friend's book-release party, a convention, a friend's bachelor party and a death in the family, in that order. While I think I've done a decent job returning the calls, e-mails and letters I've received, it's possible something slipped through the cracks. If that is, in fact, the case, please accept my sincerest apologies, and please call and/or write me again.

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