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· On Feb. 23, we'll publish our fourth annual Rant Issue. This is--for reasons that baffle me--one of our most popular issues. This year, we're adding a little something extra: We're offering you--the discerning, yet frustrated-about-something reader--a chance to rant right along with us. If you'd like to submit a rant for possible inclusion in the issue, e-mail it or snail-mail it to yours truly. Please keep the rant to 200 words or less, and all the usual caveats (we edit; we can't publish all submissions; we can't send rants back, etc.) apply. The deadline for the rants is Monday, Feb. 13. Thanks in advance for your submission--and for helping us heal our collective frustrations in the process.

· On Feb. 9, we'll be publishing our twice-a-year Yum! dining guide. Yum! is always a keeper, because we publish our entire Chow Scan list in it. This is Tucson's best list of top restaurants--a place can't buy its way on to the list, and a restaurant's only included if a Weekly reviewer recommends it. Anyway, we're looking for a little help from you--the discerning, yet knowledgeable-about-restaurants reader. Because the list is so expansive, and restaurants move/close/change their hours/etc. quite a bit, our information can get a little stale at times. If you know of any inaccuracies in Chow Scan (and we verify the listings regularly, so I know there aren't that many, but still ...), please contact our assistant editor, Irene Messina. Thanks in advance for the help!

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