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As of late, we've gotten phone calls and e-mails from some frothing readers, sniveling that we haven't given their particular candidate or issue enough coverage. We've sold out, become part of the corporate media, etc., they say.

To those readers: I encourage you to read Jim Nintzel's cover story this week; hopefully, it will help you better understand where we're coming from. Thank you, and god bless.

Some other things to note in this issue:

• Mari Herreras' story on the hubbub that erupted last month after the Arizona Daily Wildcat published a cartoon that some folks believed was anti-Semitic. While this story's gotten a lot of media coverage, one voice has been noticeably absent: that of the cartoonist, Joseph Topmiller. It turns out he's not listed in any readily available phone or e-mail directories. However, he's on MySpace; using the Weekly's MySpace page and about 30 seconds of time, we were able to track him down. After a few messages were exchanged, he agreed to an interview. Read what he has to say.

• Speaking of compelling interviews: Brad Behan, formerly half of the Bobby and Brad morning show on KMXZ FM 94.9, aka MIXfm, talked to John Schuster about his recent and sudden departure. If you want some insight into the world of modern-day corporate radio, be sure to check out his report.

• And finally ... have you checked out our blog recently? The posts and comments are moving at a fast and furious clip; get in on the discussion at

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