Good, Really Bad, Good

First, the good news: The spring edition of our Yum! dining guide is here, in this very issue. I challenge you to read the thing without getting seriously hungry and/or thirsty. Check it out in print and/or at And while you're at, I encourage you to chip in and do some reader reviews of Tucson's restaurants.

Second, the bad news: Our state, which these days is being run by anti-tax, social-conservative ideologues, is fucked. (Sorry for the swear word, folks, but that word sums up the situation more succinctly than any other.) To see how truly hosed we are, read Jim Nintzel's sobering state-budget story on Page 15. Yes, budget stories aren't normally very exciting, but the actions taken by our state Legislature over the last week are going to scar—deeply—this state for years to come. It's in your best interest to read up; this will affect you.

And finally, back to good news: I'd like to welcome Colin Boyd to our movie-reviewing crew. Colin is a Sierra Vista resident who has been doing movie reviews for a long time. (See his Web site,, if you want to know more.) He's got a master's degree in mass communication from Arizona State University (no booing, please), and he knows his stuff: His thesis was titled First Person Singular: Techniques of Narration and Sound Manipulation Employed by Orson Welles in Radio Dramas. 'Nuff said.

You can check out Colin's first full-length review to grace our pages here.

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