Golden Silvers: True Romance (XL)

The debut album from London's Golden Silvers is a mélange of Saturday-morning cartoon pop, rock opera and disco dance party. With such an epic sense of scale—including numerous references to Greek mythology—it would be easy for the ebullience to turn arch and off-putting, but the Golden Silvers are a band that just wants you to have a good time. I dare you to resist them.

True Romance is set up thematically, with song titles like "Arrows of Eros" and "Please Venus" that drive home the focus on love and lust with a sense of goofiness and hyperbole. Lyrics like, "She was a murderess in a million-dollar dress," from the aforementioned "Please Venus," sit side by side with the earnest folk-balladry of "My Love Is a Seed That Doesn't Grow," and frontman Gwilym Gold rapping, "I think my heart might be the new black," on "True No. 9 Blues (True Romance)." The whole thing has a sense of play, energy and experimentation that's refreshing.

No two songs sound the same, and sometimes genres are switched within a single song. The album opener, "Another Universe," starts off with bright synth supported by a huge, plodding bassline. Moments later, that intro falls out for delicate piano and vocals—we go from the strobe-light frenzy of an underground dance club to a smoky little piano lounge in less than 30 seconds.

It could all make your head spin, but I'm betting it'll just make you wanna dance.

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