Giving Thanks

Well, it's Thanksgiving. At least that's what the date on the cover says. And that means it's time to give thanks (duh!) for all that's well and good in the world. With that in mind ...

· Thanks to all the staff members, employees and freelancers who put out The Weekly each week. I don't thank these folks enough--I am often bitching at them for missing a deadline or something like that instead--but for the most part, they do good work for so-so (at best) pay. And they're doing their community a great service, too.

· Thanks to the makers of Tofurky. Not because the stuff tastes good--the jury's still out on that issue--but because Tofurky is so fun to say.

· Thanks to all the advertisers, too. It's nice to be able to pay the bills. Extra special thanks to the advertisers who don't go wacko when we write bad things about them; that's part of doing journalism ethically.

· Confidential to the advertisers and others who go wacko when we write bad things about them: Bite me.

· Thanks to the readers of The Weekly. Without you, we're merely engaging in acts of literary masturbation.

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