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Some notes on some stuff:

• If you missed our Election Night coverage, I highly recommend you check it out on The Range, our daily dispatch, at While the election is now more than a week in the past, much of the coverage is still worth checking out; we posted all sorts of newsy tidbits, plus numerous compelling photos taken by UA School of Journalism students.

We made 55 posts on The Range on Election Night alone, and I think you'll agree that we handily kicked the asses of all other Tucson media sources with our online coverage—just as I promised we would two weeks ago.

Thanks to Mari, Jim, Dan, Adam K., Erica, Emily, Kelsey, A., Joshua, Frankie, Hank, Aleksa, John D. and the rest of the crew. You rock.

• Confidential to the person at the Democratic Party's Election Night gathering who was rude and disrespectful to A., our high school intern: No, the Weekly has not started "hiring 10-year-olds," but we are delighted to work with a smart, motivated student like A., our high school intern. Ma'am, if you had a small fraction of A.'s intelligence or coolness, you wouldn't be such a prick. In any case, don't be a prick from now on. Got it?

• Proof positive the holiday season is almost here: We're publishing our Gift Guide next week! Seriously! Look for it!

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