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Tucson mom conquers drug use and regains custody of children.

Admitting to and addressing drug use is difficult. I know because I’m a recovering meth addict.

For 13 years, meth ruled my life and eroded my soul. I knew I had hit bottom when the Department of Child Safety took custody of my children. It was then that I decided to get sober.

I made my way to CODAC and a recovery coach gave me the right kind of support, and I was treated as a person deserving of help and compassion, without judgment.

My time in CODAC’s transitional living program was awesome. I was able to live in a safe and healing environment and meet other moms in recovery. I was encouraged by recovery teams and through support groups, and received help managing my

I wanted to be a sober mom, not a using mom, but I couldn’t find my way. It killed me every day not being there with my children. Now that I have found recovery, I get to make up for lost time and be the good mom I knew I could be.

Today, my relationship with my children is strong. They adore me and I adore them, and I love watching them grow every day.

Now, I’m paying it forward as a CODAC recovery coach. I share my first-hand experience struggling with substance use and conquering it, one day at a time.

If you are in active addiction and really want help, the best choice you can make is to get treatment. I know it’s going to be hard at first, but once you get through the first week, a month and another month, it will get better.

Stopping using is worth all the pain. And you’ll have support every step of the way.
I am thankful for a renewed life that is blissful and I’m grateful to everyone at CODAC who believed in me.

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