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A few things that you should know, gosh darn it:

• If you're involved with some sort of New Year's Eve/New Year's Day event—a musical event, a special dinner, anything—and you think there's a chance that we don't yet know about it, then drop what you are doing right now.

Seriously. Drop it. DROP IT!

Good. Now, take that information, and send it to If there's an element of live music involved, also send it to, please.

There. You've done it. Doesn't that feel better? Now you can rest in peace knowing that, in all likelihood, your event will be included in our special New Year's pages, appearing on Dec. 23 and Dec. 30. Yay!

• A random, but important thought: When sending an e-mail or making an online comment, please do not use all-caps. Just don't do it. All-caps makes text hard to read, and it comes across like SHOUTING. Therefore, it's annoying, and it's actually against the comments policy. In other words, if you leave a comment in all-caps on our website, it'll get deleted? OK? OK!

• The holidays are almost here, and that means it's time for our GASP! last-minute gift guide, which you can find in this week's issue. Next week, we kick off our year-end series of special issues, with our naughty list (Get Out of Town! on Dec. 16), our nice list (Local Heroes on Dec. 23) and our year in review (Dec. 30). Look for 'em ... and enjoy!

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