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Updated on April 26, 2009 at 2:54 PM
Gary W. Halsey Sr. has been writing since he was in Junior High School. He is a retired professional in the Electronics field. He has also appeared in a few movies as a stuntman, and also a singer/actor. His favorite things to write about are Entertainment, Poetry, and Current Events. What inspires him to write about poetry is everyday life experiences that we can all relate to. His poetry is a intriguing collection of original poetry which provides the reader a glimpse into the author's life experiences and views pertaining to a myriad of issues most of us encounter throughout our lives. Gary W. Halsey Sr.'s poetry and articles reflects a creative and insightful mind. For those who perhaps share and relate to these traits of his work, could be found entertaining and thought provoking. Mr. Halsey was born in Frankfort Indiana, in 1946, and is now retired.

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Re: “The Battle Over Old Tucson

I agree Don......I wouldn't mind seeing that.....!!!! Hope your doing well...long time no see!

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Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 10/21/2015 at 8:47 AM

Re: “Guest Opinion

Great article, and I agree 100% that God is alive and well. I am glad to see folks turning out for such an event, in rememberence of our savior. Great article, and you articulated my feelings exactly on this subject...Well done Mr. Hoffman, well done!!!

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Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 05/21/2009 at 10:00 PM

Re: “O'Sullivan

I agree with this article, so many times folks hide behind the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration Of Independence, or the numberous Religions that we all represent. Hell, even the bible says that God helps those that help themselves, and of course, leave it to a person of faith to misconstru pro creation as a free pass to have octuplets! Breeding has nothing to do with free will, it has something to do with common sense and responsibility. All of these documents that our country is founded on, I believe in them, the bible I believe in, and I believe in God, but what has that got to do with the "Elephant in the Room"? All of these documents that I believe in, even the bible, one has to ask how long ago all of these documents were created and written. Back then, they didn't have polution problems, for the exception of farting cows and horses, they did not have the population sizes that we have nowadays, they also didn't have cars or plastics, etc. I think that Kristen is missing the boat on this one...people need to be responsible, and yes, our population numbers are rising rapidly with this kind of thinking. What with medical research, and longevity, coupled with the current life expectancy, People are living allot longer, and babies are being had by the millions. I echo what RogerRabbit, and maxw and chris99 are saying, I believe (unfortunately) that breeding IS a problem. As you may or may no know, China put a cap on how many children a household can have, due to mere living space and food, the housing there is going upward, not outward, they are very over-populated to the point that they had to put a "cap" on over breeding! No offense Kristen, I sincerely do not mean to be mean, but just because you are Catholic, doesn't make overbreeding right, to me (just my opinion) is not only selfish, but careless. These four gifts from God are great, and I pray that they are good and healthy, and I am glad for you, but do like I do, adopt if you want more children, if your are as willing to have more children than the FOUR that you already have, then help the world by adopting...I would admire that, All of my children are adopted, I was in Vietnam, and was afraid to have children due to the agent orange I was exposed to, and didn’t want to take any chances of birth defects, so I adopted children instead, it made sense to help out those that don’t have any family. Heck, anyone can have a baby, but one should be responsible for their contributions to the rest of the world as well....Great article, great read.

Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 05/09/2009 at 8:32 PM

Re: “Guest Commentary

What a wonderful tribute to you mother Mr. Nintzel. I lost my mom almost 3 years ago, my how the time fly's. Seems like only yesterday. Your mom sounds like she is quite a gal, and I admire her dedication to what she does with the kids, and also her being active with the Society of Military Widows. And to be the National President of the organization, she certainly deserves a medal. I really liked your article about your mother, and how she encouraged education with her kids, and I am sure, just by reading the article, that you love her dearly, your article says it all. Cherish her, as I did mine, never let her know lonliness, and do like you always do, be there for her!! Your friend in pen....Gary W. Halsey Sr.

Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 05/09/2009 at 7:14 PM

Re: “O'Sullivan

I read, I try to absorb what is being said, and I have to agree with Catherines's article. I also agree with "Is It Just Me", I do not agree with, as I have heard his reasoning before. I took a little survey of allot of folks that I work with, because I thought my way of thinking about legalizing drugs MAY be wrong, giving the benefit of doubt, and the consenseous of what the issue was, I asked them and I quote, "Do you think pot should be legalized"? Most of the people I spoke to didn't seem to have a problem with it. Some even said it was being used for medicinal reasons for glucoma, etc. "So", I said, "You wouldn't opposed legalizing drugs or controlled substances of any kind?" and they said, "Well yes, I would, but we are only talking about Pot here right?" I said "Yes". I interviewed at least 40 of my coworkers, some were for it, saying that "Marijuana is the least harmful drug on the market, and is used even for medicine", and the other half said, "NO, not only no, but HELL NO!, what kind of a question is that?" Of course I explained that I am not a liberalist that condones any kind of legalization of ANY controlled substances, but I am with you Catherine, I really fell that your "Granny" is right. The world is going to hell in a handbasket. The intellects that are proposing legalization to get cartel warfare off the streets and BLOOD, off of our streets actually think that legalizing these substances will end all of that, To me, that is be delusional. The cartels will still fight amoungst themselves to see who could land the biggest contract deals. Yes, drugs are big revenue, and to me, it appears that is is all about the almight buck that "We Need" at what cost? I assume that these are the same people that took prayer out of schools, and are demoralizing this great nation. I think if these folks want to legalize pot, or any other substance, should move over to Amsterdam, or better still, move down to Mexico, then they can finally say that there is no problem living down there because drugs are legal...even though there are cartel wars, corrupt government, and the police are on the take....naw, legalizing drugs is really working down there isn't it? Wow, its all under control. I liked your article, and I find in insightful.

Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 05/02/2009 at 6:44 AM

Re: “Guest Commentary

Well, being a veteran has really nothing to do defending America, I looked at my comment and found nothing in there that says it was about defending America, I was only trying to point out, that I didn't serve my country, to coward down to the cartel or the crooks of the world like you folks seem to want to do, roll over as it were. This is where Americas morals are heading, then we are in trouble. I think you've all had to much sun. I would never condone legalizing drugs. And if you think making the drug cartels 'Deal With the Legal Markets' will make cartel problems go away, your living in a dream world. But like I said before, you all have the right to your opinion, and this is after all, America, you can disagree with me, that is your right to do so, but I'm am not bending down to the point of "catering" to the cartels, by letting them sell their "pure, fresh" drugs legally or otherwise. You can do something about it if you want to by writing to your congressman, and local government, but the day Arizona makes it legal, is the day I move out. The cartels are in competition with each other, what make you think that it will neutralize the cartel wars, you are living in a dream world. I reckon the next thing you guys will want to legalize weapons of mass distruction, and prostitution...why not...that is where we are headed with this kind of thinking...I do agree with human behavior cannot be legislated though, that is very true, and untl an asteroid finally takes us out is also correct. But I think, only in my opinion, that the only thing delusional, is that this will solve all of the drug problems, I personally think it will create more., You can't fix a problem by making it worse. But I guess if you want drugs that bad, then its would be the right thing to do. I like the terms being associated with drugs, and never thought I would live to see the day when the words, "clean and controlled doses", and "must be pure, fresh". Wow, you guys are something else. I get what you are trying to say, and I understand the logic, and I get it, but I simply don't agree with it. My right, Right?

Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 05/01/2009 at 7:54 AM

Re: “Guest Commentary

Dear Mr. Jonathan Hoffman, shame on you for condoning legalization of DRUGS in America. Have you lost your marbles, or perhaps you are toking one to many yourself. I cannot believe that you would lay down all ethical morals, and condone legalizing drugs to the American people. Where are your morals Mr. Hoffman? Where does the insanity end? You think legalization of drugs in America will keep your family safe? Or our politician’s families safe? You are missing one very important key point my friend, THIS IS NOT MEXICO! What is the difference with the drug cartel, and Al Capone of the 1920’s? They are all gangsters and hoodlums. You want us to yield to THEM? We beat the gangsters of the ‘20’s, and we would beat these idiots. No offense, but I'm not to sure your dealing with a full deck! When you said and I quote, "The idea is to deny funds to the violent criminals, not to rearrange their product offerings. If people want to buy it, it must be available above-board." Are you totally nuts? Who do you think would LET the drug cartel wars move to this side of the border? You most certainly undermined your own country's ability to "reckon" with this type of insanity. Have people become so paranoid, that you want to legalize DRUGS? Can you imagine if all the gangs in the US could just go and buy crack cocaine? You think drive by’s are bad now, just give them more drugs! Not to smart. This independent company/firm where George Friedman of Stratfor Global Intelligence resides, although their reports are assumed accurate in what they report, I see no connection with the US as far as this type of activity is concerned moving to this side of the border. I don’t think the hispanic cartels are that stupid to even try to bring it on this side of the border. It would be like flies on stink, if they were to even try. Our military would be all over them, and they would be shut down in a heartbeat. I have heard of some pretty unusual theories before, but this tops the list. Keep in mind that Mexico is not known for strong government leadership or influences. Crooked cops that are on the take, and there is absolutely no control with the Mexican Military. They have absolutely no value for life, and I am talking about the cartels, and people in some parts of their Government. The day you let drug cartels run your life, is the day you may as well hang it up my friend. In closing, I admire the Tucson Weekly for allowing a true freedom of speech, and I know that this is of your opinion, and not that of the paper, thank God. It’s thoughts like this, that demoralizes our founding fathers of this great nation. You just made them all roll over in their graves, and moan. BUT…you do have a right to your opinion, but I suggest that you perhaps grow a pair, look the Devil in the eye, and spit!! I was in the Vietnam war, and I did not defend this country to legalize controlled substances…get a grip Mr. Hoffman

Posted by Gary W. Halsey Sr. on 04/29/2009 at 11:49 PM

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