Ganja Gift Guide: Cannabis: It’s not just medicine anymore

With the passage of Prop 207 last year, Arizonans declared they were done with the War on Weed. And that means you don’t need a license to buy or smoke it anymore. (Not that there aren’t advantages to keeping your medical card, but we won’t get into that here.) So now that any adult can buy weed, what should you get for the stoner on your list? Read on for some of our favorite gift ideas.

The Blazy Susan. When you’re having folks over for a pot party, you’ll want a stylish Blazy Susan. It spins just like a lazy Susan, except it’s designed to handle all your weed needs with special compartments for various accessories and a removable center pad that ideal for rolling your next joint. Speaking of accessories, Blazy Susan also makes a custom silicon ashtray complete with a built-in bowl cleaning tip, a dab station with special inserts to separate all your tools and a wide variety of slow-burning, ultra thin, vegan and GMO-free rolling papers and cones. This is the perfect gift for the pothead who has everything. Available at

Drip Blunicorn Batter. This golden-colored extract is from Drip’s diamond tier—and while it may not be worth quite its weight in diamonds, it sure beats getting coal in your stocking. It packs a lovely flavor to go along with its powerful kick and is surprisingly easy to handle while you are scooping it out for your e-rig. Take your time before trying a second dose, as just a little dab will do you. This is ideal for the extract lover on your shopping list. Available at Nature Med.

Packwoods Purple Punch. If you want to find something beyond the ordinary pre-roll, the Packwoods Purple Punch is a doozy. It weighs in at 2.5 grams and includes marijuana flower rolled in marijuana extract and finished with kief. In other words, it’s like the turducken of weed and will most definitely help you reach new elevations. Available at NatureMed. 

Earth Extracts Live Resin Cartridge. This cartridge sets the standard for vape pens. A piney earthy taste greets you on this one upon first toke, letting you know you’ve got something from the plant without being too overbearing on the flavor profile. While many vape cartridges can make you feel almost foggy and then have groggy side effects after the initial effects, this live resin hits crisp, quick, and to the point. There’s no need to worry about dosage as the effects are nearly immediate and once the initial rush dissipates, you are left feeling relaxed but not tired. This is the ideal gift for a friend looking for something simple and straightforward. Available at Earth’s Healing.

Sir Newton’s Mixed Flavor
Everyone loves a little candy at Christmas, although you’ll want to keep these scratch-made craft gummies out of the reach of kids. These gummies have a nice, firm texture and a variety of fruity flavors without a trace of cannabis. Each pack has 10 gummies, each with a 10mg dose, making them available to recreational as well as medical users. Rookies will want to start with a quarter or a half of a gummy to avoid feeling like you want to curl up in your manger, while experienced users will find the 10mg dose just right to make you feel like a merry gentleman. Available at Bloom Dispensary.

IO Lemon Meringue Extract Batter. This extract has a delightful lemon tinge that underscores the flavor profile without a trace of solvent. This one will give you an upbeat high that leaves you feeling warm and creative; it’s heady enough to know you’ve had a toke but not so overpowering that you feel like you need to take in the Lord of the Rings trilogy before you come down. Ideal for a night of socializing with friends or an afternoon of painting by a lake. The glass packaging is a nice touch for consumers just starting on concentrates, as you can easily dose with a nectar collector. Available at Nature Med.

IO Extract Mimosa Distillate
We never would have thought we’d be smoking cannabis that comes in a syringe, but it sure does make it easier to apply, whether you are smoking from a rig or a nectar collector. Just push out the desired dose and go to town. That’s convenient for the pro and beginners alike. The mimosa flavor tastes like an orange creamsicle, leading our reviewer to proclaim it to be the “best concentrate I’ve ever tasted—literally a delight.” We found it to be a nice, uplifting high with a feeling of euphoria without being too cloudy, making it an “any time of day dab.” Available at Nature Med.


Infinity Pre-Roll Pack. Sure, any pre-roll is going to be cherished by a gift recipient, but this takes it to a whole new level. You’ll find five cannabis cigs packed inside a sleek black tin container that also includes a small “terpene shield” to maintain humidity and ensure a fresh flavor. You can choose between a variety of strains, but all of them are infused with kief and made from flower, not shake. With .7 grams per cig (for a total of 3.5 grams per pack), you can rest assured that smoking one of these will get you higher than a flying reindeer. Available at Bloom Dispensary.

Plain Old Bud. Sometimes, you don’t want an edible, a concentrate or a suppository. If you want to keep it simple and enjoy an old-school bong hit, Green Halo (under new ownership) has two strains we’d recommend this holiday season. Orange Eruption, a hybrid of Orange Creamsicle crossed with Lava Cake bred by Phinest Cannabis, has a subtle fruity taste and will take you up quickly before easing into a nice smooth afterglow. It’s heady but will provide a good body high. The dense buds will leave you fingers just a little sticky. Meanwhile, Grape Cake offers a bold and sweet flavor from the first rip. Bred by Seed Junky, this is a cross between Grape Stomper, Cherry Pie and Wedding Cake that will leave you relaxed without making you groggy. The dense buds with so many terps that it almost feels like playdough in your hands. Available at Green Halo. 

Warning: These NSFW items might not be appropriate for your company’s Secret Santa gift exchange unless you’re working for a company that has super-chill management.

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