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Welcome to this week's Tucson Weekly.

There are times that I absolutely freakin' love this business. We're a newspaper with a tiny fraction of the resources the big dailies in this state have, yet we can still compete with them, as our Arizona Press Club awards haul shows; see the write-up in this section. Then, turn to Media Watch, where Walt Nett takes us (and most other newspapers) to task for not reporting more on the Arizona Press Club awards.

Isn't this all a hoot?

Meanwhile, there's a lot of interesting coverage in this week's issue. In our cover story, Chris Limberis puts the pieces together in the horrific David Stidham murder case. Meanwhile, the Border Patrol is running rampant down near Arivaca, the environment be damned; Tim Vanderpool has a report.

Then there's what's happening in the arts world. We have dance; we have theater; we have visual arts--outside! In books, we have coverage of someone who finds beauty in horrid images, and we have coverage of someone who uses horrid images--involving milkmen--to make people laugh.

Then we have James DiGiovanna. Enough said.

I could go on and on--about the Chow piece on Beyond Bread and our music coverage of Har Mar Superstar and the Tucson Folk Festival--but I won't. Just start clicking and reading, and enjoy fruits of our labor.

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