From Kelly to Ted

A psychic forecast for the summer of covers

Music blogs have been ablaze with news that indie king Ted Leo covered Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone." Leo (sans support from his Pharmacists) engages in a little American Idol worship with a lean acoustic cover of the breakup ballad, which is available apparently only over the Internet. He even throws in a dash of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" for good measure.

When Clarkson heard of the acoustic love letter, she reportedly responded, "What's a blog?"

Meanwhile, we used our clairvoyant powers to guess what the spring and summer will look like if the rest of the music world follows suit.

May 23: Montreal's the Arcade Fire today announces plans to include its rendition of Diana DeGarmo's "Dreams" in its current U.K. concert tour. "To be honest, we never paid much attention to American Idol, us being from Canada and all," admits frontman Win Butler. "But we're hoping that hitching our wagon to Diana and her cute little colourful pantsuits will help shake our 'morose' reputation."

May 31: Stephin Merritt, the droning mastermind behind the Magnetic Fields, was spotted last week hanging out with Clay Aiken in a trendy Lower East Side coffee shop. The two reportedly shared a bubble tea and "laughed a lot," said the shop's owner. Merritt confirms that he's in talks to cover Aiken's "Solitaire" on a future Fields project. "He's like a young Elton John, well, without the costumes and with more hair," says Merritt. Publicists from both camps deny rumors that the two singers are dating.

June 10: The Polyphonic Spree announces plans to cover the late-'90s hit "MMMBop" on a forthcoming release. Sources say the psychedelic Dallas group has long wanted to work with Hanson, thanks partly to Isaac Hanson's professed admiration of the cult-like buzz band. When asked if they had any other covers in the works, the two dozen members of the Spree answer, in unison, "Maybe."

June 16: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, still reeling from Ted Leo's surprise nod, announce plans for their own cover of an American Idol personality. The group will release an EP featuring its take on Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" this month. MC Skat Cat could not be reached for comment.

July 1: Death Cab for Cutie today confirms intentions to remake Mariah Carey's "It's Like That." Singer Ben Gibbard says he was turned on to the "new" Mariah while hanging out with cast members of The O.C. earlier this spring. Carey, meanwhile, was thrilled with the announcement. "I mean, I just feel so emancipated," she said in an interview, though she later called back to say she meant "elated."

July 20: Aimee Mann, currently touring to support her new solo album, The Forgotten Arm, has been opening shows with a spirited cover of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." "Sure, it's a break from my usual, like, serious songwriting and stuff," Mann says. "But have you heard the song? I mean, that shit is bananas."

July 21: Fans of the Killers will soon have a shot at downloading a rare B-side from Apple's online iTunes store. Look for the U.K. band's take on J-Lo's "Let's Get Loud" to hit the site next week. Meanwhile, the Bravery announces it will cover the Killers' cover of "Let's Get Loud" later this month.

Aug. 4: Appearing on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, American Idol alum Justin Guarini issues a heartfelt plea for "someone, anyone, to please cover one of my songs." The singer then bursts into tears and runs backstage. Kelly Clarkson, who also appeared on the show, later says that Guarini has been under a lot of pressure lately and promises that the duo would return at a later date. Clarkson closes the show with a live performance of Leo's "Me and Mia," though most everyone agrees that her version really sucked.

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