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Re: “The Tucson Weekly 2012 Endorsements

Great endorsements, and I agree with most of them. A couple of corrections, however:

1) Ann Kirkpatrick may lie about it now, just like she lies about everything else, but she supports balancing our national budget on the backs of seniors and the middle-class. During her one term in Congress, she voted Yes to extend the Bush tax cuts for corporations and the very wealthy.

2) Cam Juarez is the furthest thing from an "independent-thinker." He will do absolutely whatever the Grijalva Mafia tell him to do. He is a yes-man, of the highest order, and Betts Putnam-Hidalgo is a much better choice.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 10/11/2012 at 12:16 PM

Re: “Attacking the Incumbent

The Chicano community put him where he is, today. And in return, he has terrorized us, using his thugs Ruben Reyes and Glenn Miller to stamp out any inkling of dissent, using threats, intimidation, and outright evil tactics, such as getting many Chicanos and Chicanas fired from their jobs.

Raul Grijalva has used his power not for the good of the people, but for his own benefit, and to rule over the Chicano community with an iron fist. It is at the core of our political system to remove entrenched tyrants, and we are at that point, right now. At some point, dictators must be removed, because otherwise things become hopeless, and the people begin to lose faith. Why do you think Latino voter turnout is so low? Because people have lost faith.

Raul Grijalva does not give a damn about any of this. He only cares about maintaining his own power. Why else would he be working so hard, along with his backslapping cronies in the Democratic Party, to unethically undermine his Democratic primary opponents? He knows that his two Latino Democratic opponents have strong support in the Latino community, and that they will engage and bring out the Latino vote. This will help Obama and Carmona, but it scares Grijalva, tremendously.

I say again: WAKE UP, TUCSON. We have a chance to end this cycle of abuse and tyranny, and we can restore Tucson to the place that we all know and love. But we must stand up, united, and say we will take it no more.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 07/01/2012 at 2:35 PM

Re: “'All You Have to Do Is Fight'

Speaking of cronyism, where do you think that Isabel Garcia got her six-figure job, with Pima County? Raul Grijalva created the job for her, when he was on the Board of Supervisors, and he now uses his protection racket to make sure that she keeps her job. Why do you think that she will fight to the death for him, even though her organization, Derechos Humanos, is vehemently against "electoral politics?" They are against "electoral politics", except when it comes to re-electing Raul, every year, of course. LOL.

Isabel is so indebted to the Grijalva mafia that she crossed the United Steelworkers picket line, recently, to protest Grijalva, despite the fact that her father, Rudy Garcia, was a lifelong Steelworker organizer! He would be rolling in his grave, right now. That is how much of a sellout she is, and it goes to show how much the Grijalva mafia has entrenched its tentacles in our community. They have corrupted and perverted everything that the Chicano community stands for, and this is the year that it ends.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 06/29/2012 at 4:22 PM

Re: “'All You Have to Do Is Fight'

It is the Latino community who is standing up to Raul Grijalva's terrorism of our community, and standing up to end his reign of tyranny. It is Amanda Aguirre and Manny Arreguin, both Latino Democrats, who are re-inspiring the Latinos of this district, and giving them hope of ending Grijalva's reign of terrorism. Because these candidates are re-inspiring the Latino electorate, they should be supported by the Democratic Party, not suppressed. These are the candidates who determine whether or not Obama and Carmona win.

But of course, Raul Grijalva does not care about this. He only cares about himself, and he is using his cronies Bill Roe and Luis Heredia to subvert the democratic process, by using the official power of the Democratic Party to suppress Aguirre's and Arreguin's campaigns. What this tells you his that Roe, Heredia, and Grijalva do not give a damn about the Latino community, nor getting Obama and Carmona elected. They only care about protecting incumbents and protecting their handpicked favorite candidates.

Tucson: WAKE UP! If you are a Democrat, these smoky backroom dealings are being done, in your name, and unless you speak up, with your consent.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 06/29/2012 at 2:30 PM

Re: “'All You Have to Do Is Fight'

It's a fallacy for anyone to claim that the Latino community is not engaged. We are EXTREMELY engaged in what is happening in Arizona, given that it is us who are so under attack in our state. As you can see, there are two Latino Democrats challenging Grijalva and two Latino Republicans. These people are participating in the American democratic process, to represent Arizona, in Congress. They have a groundswell of support, from both liberal Latinos and conservative Latinos.

Meanwhile, Raul Grijalva has spent his career sabotaging and undermining the Latino community, and we are now standing up to this entrenched tyrant. We DO NOT SUPPORT Raul Grijalva. That ship has sailed, a long time ago. We will not continue to be abused and terrorized by him and his mafia.

This has seriously frightened him. Why else do you think that Grijalva is working, hand-in-hand, win the AZ Democratic Party, to undemocratically deny voter database information to his other Democratic opponents. It is all smoky backroom mafia tactics, and Grijalva is not only benefitting, he is complicit. AZ Democratic Party Chair Bill Roe is one of Grijalva's biggest donors, and Exec. Director Luis Heredia is a former Grijalva staffer. As you can see, it's a disgusting subversion of the American democratic process.

The Latino community is very engaged in the democratic process, and we hope that the rest of Tucson will also join us in participating in the American democratic process.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 06/28/2012 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Attacking the Incumbent

Raul's lies are piling up so fast, he can't keep track of them, anymore. He has spent decades terrorizing the Chicano community, using his henchmen, Ruben Reyes and Glenn Miller, to threaten and intimidate anyone who does not "fall in line." It must end.

As for Adelita, she has ordered all TUSD candidates to not speak badly of Pedicone, with the threat of "removing her support." Adelita, Raul, and Pedicone have struck a deal to betray the MAS teachers, and to protect the Grijalva minion Auggie Romero.

Enough is enough! Ya Basta! To the good people of Tucson: we must lift the shroud of evil that Raul Grijalva has cast over our community. We must stand up, united, and restore Tucson to the vibrant, positive place that it once was. Tucson is a beautiful place, with beautiful people, and we deserve better.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 06/28/2012 at 12:08 PM

Re: “Education vs. Fear

Cultural Studies are a major part of what people like Sal Baldenegro and others fought for in the 60s and 70s. They struggled and sacrificed tremendously so that our children could learn about their culture and their identity, and so that they would grow up to be proud of who they are. It was their blood, sweat, and tears that opened these doors for our future generations, giving them the tools to go to college and then go on to teach their own children.

They struggled so that we would have a truly equal society and a more just one. We must honor them by fighting with every breath we have to protect our children from this vicious attack by Phoenix politicians.

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Posted by Freedom for Arizona on 11/11/2010 at 10:23 PM

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