Feel the Vibe

The ides of March have passed, and there's definitely a charge in the Tucson air.

Why? Well, a lot is going on. The Sabino Canyon cats controversy has gotten a number of people riled up, and rightfully so. The Arizona Game and Fish's rushed response (KILL! KILL!) to the fact that the cats MAY be a threat because they APPEAR not to be afraid of humans was deplorable, insensitive and downright irresponsible.

Then, there's a little matter of basketball, which as you may know, is kind of a big deal around these parts. Unlike previous years, it will be a shock if Lute's Wildcats make it out of the first weekend of play. A better bet (although still an underdog) to make it into the Sweet 16 is the underrated women's team, another No. 9 seed, helmed by Joan Bonvicini.

Third, the town is alive with the sound of music, crowds and other event noises. From the Fourth Avenue Street Fair to spring training to music shows downtown being busted up by overzealous cops, seemingly every corner has something going on. If you're bored these days, it's your own damn problem.

Fourth, all the University of Arizona kids are on spring break, and that youthful party vibe is certainly adding something to the charge. I am jealous, because ...

Fifth, the weather finally seems to have turned the corner, with winter being left behind in favor of gorgeous, cloudless skies. Temps reaching into the mid-90s are predicted during this issue's shelf life, and that means the real scorchers--signifying summer's unofficial arrival--can't be far behind.

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