Feel the Heat

You've got questions? We've got answers. Hopefully, they're the correct answers.

• When will the second round of Tucson Area Music Awards voting take place? It will take place in July. For about three weeks, music fans will be able to go to TAMMIES.com and find an online-only ballot listing all of the finalists in each of the categories. We still have some technical stuff to work out, but we're hoping to have the ballot up and running when we announce the finalists, sometime around the first week of July. Of course, all of the winners will be announced at the TAMMIES show and ceremony, scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 13, at the Rialto Theatre.

• When will the Best of TucsonTM issue come out? The issue will hit the streets on Sept. 25. We here at Weekly World Central are hard at work counting all of the ballots we received, and once that's finished, we'll start working on the issue in earnest.

• Is the monsoon here yet? Technically, yes. According to the newfangled National Weather Service definition, monsoon season started on June 15.

• But is the monsoon really here yet? You wish. Has it been hot enough for you?

• It's been too damn hot. What can I do to pass the time in this heat? Find a computer and some air conditioning, and head over to ScrambleWatch.com, our stunningly comprehensive Web site focusing on the upcoming elections. You'll learn something. We promise!

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