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Last week, as you may or may not recall, I was asking my peeps--i.e. you, our readers--for feedback on the newspaper. And to all of you who have given your feedback: I appreciate it, all of it. I really do.

I even appreciate the feedback I get from people, often anonymously, on the stuff we do that they don't like. The only bad thing about this feedback is that since it's sent anonymously, I can't respond directly. Therefore, I decided to take the opportunity this week to respond:

· To the caller who tried to tell me that the Rocky Mountains, in fact, range into in Arizona: Sorry, but no, they do not. At least not according to Wikipedia. And not according to, um, the government. Look it up. Again, sorry.

· To the couple of random callers who phone in to snivel about the grammar error in the 17th paragraph on the third page of whatever story: Thanks for reading the newspaper so closely! Also, congratulations on having the time in your life to pick up the phone and call us about this! You're so fortunate!

· To the person who writes a letter every four months or so complaining that my restaurant reviews suck: Thanks for being one of my regular readers. It's rare that a writer has a reader who has so much ... passion about the work. You are deeply appreciated and loved.

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