Fat Kids

We're not making fun of overweight children this issue, but trying to focus attention on a national problem: Fat kids often grow up to be fat adults--and too many of us are at risk of poor health because of our girth.

As Richard Bruner points out in this week's feature, our fast-food society encourages poor eating habits, even at school. With the new school year upon us, it's time to ponder how we can do better.

We should limit the junk food available to our children--discourage them from lunching at a fast-food joint, make sure the school snack bar has healthy offerings and curb exposure to colas and other sweets.

We should educate our children--in school and at home--about why nutrition is important and why much of what they eat is harmful.

As Michael Waldholz wrote last month in The Wall Street Journal, if adults eat junk food in front of the TV, how can they expect their children to do otherwise?

Give your children more healthful food choices, but don't force rigid diets or rules on them. As Waldholz pointed out, adults have enough problems with diets; our kids are even less likely to follow them.

Remind your children they're being force-fed by corporate America. And set a good example by eating better--for your sake, and theirs.

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