Answers to some recent, frequently asked questions ...

· Was last week's cover story for real? If you've truly read the cover story, looked at the photographs (including the upside-down fake moustache), looked at the date the newspaper came out and looked at the past stories by Lisa Lopfor (the letters in that name can be arranged to spell something else, by the way), and you still think that story is real ... well, then we have some oceanfront Arizona property we'd like to sell ya.

· Why did you write that mean and nasty article about Three Points? This is an interesting question we've gotten a LOT lately. Some folks have asked it in a nice, thoughtful way; others have asked it in a less-than-thoughtful (OK, downright moronic) way. Some people--cowards, assholes, people who should be thrown in prison, whatever you want to call them--have even resorted to threatening the writer of the story, as well as several folks he talked to. In any case, we stand behind the story. Nobody's been able to point out any inaccuracies in it, and as anybody who reads it will note, we talked about the good in the community, too. And here's an invitation to anybody in Three Points who feels slighted: If there's something good going on in your community that you feel like the Weekly should cover (and that fits in the purview of the things the Weekly normally covers), e-mail me, and we'll consider it.

· What the hell is up with this cold(ish), rainy weather? Beats me. I've been too busy answering e-mails from confused readers and Three Points residents to go outside.

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