Fair and Balanced (Voting, That Is)

Well, we have a pope now, one who is so far to the right on social issues that he makes Fox News look moderate. Spiffy!

Now that this matter has been put to rest, we can discuss other crucial issues, namely: Best of Tucson® ballot stuffing.

Several people and businesses have e-mailed or called to ask questions about what constitutes ballot stuffing. They've been good questions, worth addressing here:

· Campaigning is OK. Encouraging customers or those on e-mail lists to vote for you is allowed.

· Anything involving touching a ballot is not allowed. You may not gather ballots, highlight ballots, mail ballots, pay for postage, give discounts for votes or anything like that. Bad, bad, bad.

· You may not require or "strongly encourage" your employees to vote for you. This is really pathetic.

· If you know of or see any ballot-stuffing efforts out there, please, let me know. Contact me at mailbag@tucsonweekly.com or 295-4221.

It all comes down to this: We want to know what Tucson and our readers really think about what is the best. Period. If you're doing anything to slant things in your favor, stop it.

Now that we have that cleared up, feel free to click on over and vote online or pick up a print copy and cast your ballot the old-fashioned way.

All the same stuff (except for the online ballot) goes for the TAMMIES voting. You'll have to find a print copy to participate in that.

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