Fact or Fiction?

Newspapers usually focus on reporting on things that can be verified. You know--facts and stuff.

There's a reason for this. After all, it's not right to run around spouting unverifiable rumors and innuendo, and it's certainly not right to just make things up (as The New York Times is learning right now--the hard way). Plus, lawyers and lawsuits can be expensive.

Anyway, this week's cover package is a bit of a departure for us, because it's a series of stories--anecdotes that the author, Ron Quinn, swears are all true--that we have no way of verifying. He claims that over the years, he and his friends have personally witnessed strange things (mysterious figures and what seem to be time disruptions) in an area of Southeastern Arizona--an area where Tucson Electric Power may build power lines.

Because he doesn't want people running up there to check things out, perhaps ruining the area, he doesn't want to give out the exact location--not even to us at The Weekly.

You may then ask: If you can't verify all this, then why run the stories? The answer: Why not?

I've talked to Quinn. So has our editorial assistant, Irene Messina (who helped get the stories in shape for publication), a handful of times. We both have no doubt that Quinn believes his stories, and he's got some credibility, having written for some other publications.

Plus, there's no harm to be had--Tucson Electric Power is the only other party involved, and we let them have their say in a sidebar. And the stories themselves are interesting to read; I promise you that they're enjoyable, whether you read them as fact or as fiction.

Check it out.


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