Endorse This!

There's a lot of interesting stuff in this week's paper, including:

• Endorsements! Early voting gets underway soon, so it's time for us to offer our two cents on the candidates and initiatives appearing on this year's general-election ballot. You can find said endorsements on Page 18.

One common question: Why doesn't the Tucson Weekly endorse in every Southern Arizona race? Two reasons. One: The outcome of the race is not in question, really. Or two: We didn't feel like we had enough information to make the call.

We take our endorsements seriously, and we hope you will, too—even if you don't agree with all of them.

• Pride! Our regular section spotlighting Tucson's LGBT community is here. You can find that in the middle of the dead-tree version, or online at TucsonWeekly.com/pride.

This year, we produced the Pride section on a quarterly-ish basis. Next year, we'll be producing Pride three times.

The next Pride section is currently slated for Thursday, Feb. 24. If you like these sections, I encourage you to tell your friends, family, etc., about them. As always, we appreciate your support.

• Everything else! From a story about a brand-new play about the border mess to an update on Billy the Kid to our ongoing political coverage, this week's issue is chock-full of good stuff. And don't forget the online-only goodies that we offer, including the latest in our series of interviews with folks involved with Tucson Meet Yourself (which, by the way, is happening this weekend). Read about those in Weekly Wide Web, on Page 16.

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