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Re: “Danehy

Rat T. You do know it is letgal for bicyclists to ride three abreast, right? I know, how awfully inconvenient for irate motorists who think their taxes towards streets should give them exclusive access drape bicyclists taxes alai maintaining those public streets that lethally require equal access. It's so disrespectful for people on bicycles to inconvenience your car. What?

Look, I agree about the dog business but you lost any credit when you said it is a sign of cyclists (societsl) selfishness being minority inconvenienced by bicyclists NOT breaking any traffic laws but preventing you from scarily zooming past them as they hug the curb. Ohhhh so you being selfish about exclusive access to streets with your motor driven vehicle trumps everyone else? Totally not a sign of selfish culture? Sigh. Try to see how much you're actually outing yourself as one of these dog people next time.

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Posted by ELjaime on 06/17/2015 at 9:37 AM

Re: “Danehy

I personally love certain forms of graffiti. Ugly boxcars emblazoned only with a corporate logo are beautified by gigantic pieces thrown up by future legitimized graffiti artists. The concrete drainage tunnels and wash beds, nearly invisible to the public eye, full of rich graffiti pieces are neat to look at and admire. Heck, back in the day Tucson has a graffiti alley downtown, it was a stinking gross alley abd the graffiti art did make it much more pleasant.

The problem isn't using ugly garish spaces to make public art without permission. As pointed out corporations have the luxury of wealth to pay to put up ugly garish messages in our communities without our real consent too.

The problem is the destruction of community and private property in inappropriate spaces. Tagging. It's not the same. It's meant to deface and destruct property to show off one's name as an act of intimidation and street cred. Idiot kids tagged in the back walls of residencies in my neighborhood. Not alley walls but park facing or street facing walls for years I've had to look at these dumb kids ugly tags. They couldn't even be troubled to be slightly skilful. I don't feelbad for these kids. I understand where they're coming from and I realize obviously they'll likely grow out of it. I don't support the criminalizing and punishing everything zero tolerance society. But the jerk that defaced the Fox Theater did so it off a desire to show off and deserves a fitting consequence, cleaning up my neighborhoods ugly tagging, and all the others is totally just.

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Posted by ELjaime on 05/23/2015 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Standardized Test Scores and Family Income

My brain hurts from all the nonsensical dumb coming from the crazed conservative trolls.

If you have the ability to drive your child across town, into the foothills, to attend school out of your failing neighborhood school you aren't poor. Duh. In fact, this is specifically what was so malicious and disgusting with the state legislator opening every single school to open enrollment. It guarantees every involved parent will collect into a handful of excellent schools, turning the rest into abysmal hell holes of perpetual failure.

How disgusting does an individual have to be to erroneously even believe most of Tucson's Mexican AMERICAN population is here illegally? This dolt must not be a native local or lived here long to be that freaking ignorant.

How oblivious to statistical fact do conservatives get? It's not news that family income is directly correlated to educational outcomes of children. It's not news that the American idealism of class mobility is not reality and that America has one of the lowest levels of class mobility of all " wealthy " nations. It's called fact folks. I know fact isn't popular with conservatives. This is a crowd that can say they're not bigots while calling every non white in Tucson an illegal alien. This is the crowd that denies global warming while denying the wealth gap. This is the crowd that touts charter schools while mentioning school lunches ( not provided at almost all AZ charters ). The same crowd that sees nothing wrong with guaranteeing children with impoverished parents stay impoverished. The same crowd that thinks poor people are open enrolling and driving far across town into good schools. It's just so sickeningly clueless.

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Posted by ELjaime on 05/17/2015 at 6:51 PM

Re: “Best Public School

It's easy to be the best when you only accept the very best. Applying students can come from any school too, which means less kids who attended TUSD schools prior to enrollment. Let's not pretend UHS is a typical public school, when it is anything but. I'm glad despite AZ's dreadful national status on education Tucson had some promising schools but both our top performing high schools are gifted best of the best only admissions. If anything they are direct proof of why AZ is such a horrendous disgrace to public education. We make exclusive schools abandoning the majority.

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Posted by ELjaime on 10/17/2014 at 10:51 PM

Re: “Danehy

Henry J. I have a good household income and we did NOT pay over 5k in taxes as a three person home. Shenanigans erroneously claiming your average Arizonan family would be getting back what they paid in and didn't receive. Next up. It is a CHOICE to turn down get public education, you don't deserve a cent back. That's like claiming people who don't own cars should receive money for roads they don't drive on, people who don't use public libraries get that money back etc.... part of living in ANY civilized nation is you pay taxes that pay for services available to you regardless of your choice to utilize those services.

To the idiots claiming this is only for families who enroll their child in their neighborhood failing school. That school is ONLY failing because the state legislature has deliberately privatized education and given all the would have been involved families an easy out. The families left do NOT have the luxury of homeschooling. This plan encourages low income families to have more children and keep mom's at home for state aid. It is classic anti woman policy. They don't want women working, they want them breeding but they especially don't want the children educated as that won't benefit the for profit prison plans down the road. They know parents earning minimum wage will be hard pressed to turn down a better wage by unenrolling their children from school and staying home.

The very notion of paying families to NOT educate their children is sickening and evil. Yes. Some homeschooling families are rocking it but it is still a choice they have made to reject public and private education. AZ has no standards for homeschooling. No annual tests. No checking up that the child is learning.

This plan deliberately encourages families to not educate children for profit! It's insidious. It hands money to families that can afford private schools. All of this takes money out of public schools which have been getting worse ONLY because AZ refuses to pay for it. Do the people claiming our schools are failing realize how dumb they sound? They're applauding the state for slashing funding to schools while claiming schools need to be closed because they're failing. Yes. They are failing. Because AZ wants them to fail.

That is the goal and as Danehy has pointed out they're getting away with it brilliantly.

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Posted by ELjaime on 05/30/2014 at 11:09 AM

Re: “Local and Likeable

Woah. Who knew people would be do defensive of this establishment? I have found restaurant reviews in the Weekly to be very consistent. Sorry folks. Food critics are good critics. They're paid to be particular and the complaints here were handled so gently I realized before reading the inane commentary how hip this place must be. Writer knows the audience and was basically apologetic for having not been wowed and still you all attack? Yikes. I for one can't stand when I can't get salt and pepper when I want it and am dining out. Decaf may not be popular but it was merely a warning. I like sandwiches I do in soup but this is good info for those who might not, now they know to request the soup adequately first. Seriously guys.

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Posted by ELjaime on 05/14/2014 at 6:37 PM

Re: “Horrific Video of a TPD Officer Shoving a Woman

It's horrific that TPD has gotten away with this heavy handed unconstitutional crap for over a decade now. They absolutely try and incite violence and in the absence of it working just go ahead and start behaving violently. Pretending that just because they didn't murder anyone this time makes it somehow lawful is asinine at best a terrifying threat to democracy at worst. We in Tucson have been long denied our right to freedom of assembly and Tucson you should be outraged. There was exactly NO riot Saturday night, not one single report of property damage or violence besides the numerous reports of police violence. Chanting "UofA," is not a crime. Two smashed beer bottles and one fire cracker is NOT inciting nor an act of rioting. Can you imagine if they did this every Saturday night on 4th Avenue? Absolutely disgusting and horrifying. Not one single student in this video appeared to be rioting and if anyone who is defending this affront to our Constitutional right to assemble as necessary because there was an imaginary riot wants to continue that line of defense I highly recommend they watch the infamous LA riots after the Rodney King verdict. That IS what a riot looks like, not chanting students calmly watching from sidelines as police try their very best to get them to react violently. Notice again how the witnesses are just as calm as calm can be merely demanding the guy explain his disgusting abuse of power and force? They didn't attack him, overwhelm him nor show any indication of rioting because no one was rioting the only riot on Saturday night was the police force violently assaulting people for daring to exist.

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Posted by ELjaime on 03/31/2014 at 3:15 PM

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