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By the time the next issue of the Weekly hits the streets (Sept. 14), the primary election will have come and gone. (I'll miss all the irate letters from Jeff Latas supporters. Really, I will.) Unfortunately, our regular deadline for that issue will arrive before the election results--the paper is sent to the presses early Tuesday evening.

Therefore, don't expect election results in next week's issue. Instead, head to our blog--at blog.tucsonweekly.com--Tuesday night (Sept. 12) and Wednesday (Sept. 13) for results, analysis and reaction.

For the general election, we plan on holding a couple of pages back to get in the early returns. Unfortunately, we're unable to do that for the primary election. That's why we have our blog, though. We hope you'll log on.

After the primary, our attention will be moving on to other things--such as, well, the general election.

Two other things that will be getting our attention:

· Best of TucsonTM will hit the streets in three short weeks, on Sept. 28. All the copy is read; all the photos are taken. It's pretty much ready to go. I think you'll be impressed with the quality of the issue. And if you like pirates, boy, will you be in heaven.

· The fall incarnation of our twice-a-year Club CrawlTM will be on Oct. 7. Look for the information on all the venues, stages and bands in the Oct. 5 issue.

And after Club Crawl, I shouldn't have to include the TM symbol in anything Weekly-related for a while.

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