Editor's Note

Well, hello there!

I didn't really anticipate landing in the editor's chair here at the Tucson Weekly, but here I am, serving until someone comes along who can take the wheel and get me back on the streets.

Before we go any further, let me express my thanks to Mari Herreras, who departed this gig last week. Mari did an extraordinary job of juggling the many demands of not only the Tucson Weekly, but our many sister publications here at Tucson Local Media. I will surely miss having her steady hand running the show.

More thanks are due to the crew at UA Press, who are sharing an excerpt from a new book of dazzling photos from Lake Powell by Peter Goin, accompanied by essays by Peter Friederici. The book, A New Form of Beauty: Glen Canyon Beyond Climate Change, documents the disturbing changes that have come as the water level in Lake Powell has dropped during our most recent drought. It's both a reminder of the damage that climate change will bring to future generations on our one-and-only planet and a gorgeous collection of photography that belongs on your bookshelf.

Elsewhere in our pages, longtime arts writer Margaret Regan shares a roundup of what's happening in our local galleries this summer; Bob Grimm celebrates the Guardian of the Galaxy sequel that I found to be a total nerdgasm callback to my misspent youth reading comics, listening to pop music and watching Kurt Russell movies; Mark Whittaker lets us know what's going on at Pastiche following the very sad passing of owner Pat Conners, much too young; columnist Tom Danehy remembers the fun he used to have on the radio with Jimmy Kimmel back in the day; and a double-length Skinny wonders why on earth the Pima County Republican Party is turning its back on cops, firefighters and the local business community.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Hug your moms—I sure miss mine.

— Jim Nintzel, Interim Editor jim@tucsonlocalmedia.com

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