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Politics, policy and what happens next

Politics, policy and what happens next

The recent failure to repeal the American Healthcare Act could be the perfect example of why the Republican Party needs to stop being the party of no.

The week the vote was "expected" to make its way to the House for a vote, I remember sitting with my love wondering what the future of his own healthcare coverage would be. He happens to be a poster child for the Affordable Care Act and even the American dream: a small business owner able to pay his own bills, build a life for himself and when needed, hire people to work with him. He works hard, but like many Americans, things like healthcare and even saving retirement are challenges.

When his healthcare insurance began to increase, he began to wonder if he could afford it, placing him with millions of other Americans who walked that thin line, hoping to never get sick. The ACA allowed him to purchase insurance he could afford each month, so he could relax knowing he could continue to be a productive American. I mean, isn't that what both Democrats and Republicans want to begin with? Or at least wanted before tea baggers and the Freedom Caucus existed?

There are lessons here, such as the fact that creating effective policy actually takes all sides, not one. The biggest lesson: folks who showed up to those town halls and those taking to the phones are making a difference. Here in Tucson, however, it seems like Congresswoman Martha McSally still doesn't get it. Read Jim Nintzel's take in this week's Skinny on Page 6. I know folks who call her office regularly, only to get voicemail. They write her regularly too, only to get responses that have absolutely nothing to do with the concerns they shared with their representative. She backed Ryan on this failure all the way and has championed our new president all the way, too. Remember when we had a Blue Dog Democrat in that office. She didn't always make every Democrat happy, nor every Republican. Will McSally be reelected taking the approach to make only one side happy?

That depends on you and not just what you do when you go to vote or what opposition candidate you put in place.

It depends on what you do now.

— Mari Herreras, mari@tucsonlocalmedia.com

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