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The good, the sad and the ugly

Let's get to the good right away, because right now, we can all use some good news. I want to congratulate our Skinny scribe Jim Nintzel and his wife Jennifer on the arrival of their second child, Isabelle Margaret Nintzel, born on Friday, Feb. 17. She joins big sister, Olivia.

I've enjoyed watching Nintzel go through fatherhood. Like any good parent, or annoying one, I love the stories he shares about Olivia, or Ya-Ya, when he's in the office. I'm like that too, as you know. Parenthood—as a mother, father, aunt, uncle, or mentor—is a gift. I'm so happy for him and his family. Welcome Popcorn, er, Isabelle.

Now on to the sad. On Page 28, Pleasure Activist Ally Booker announces at the beginning of her column that she is closing down her sex toy and resource shop Jellywink this weekend. Get there for the deals, but why not stop by to thank her for having the guts to try something a little different than the usual sex toy store. I've enjoyed her column, and we are figuring out the future of Pleasure Activist on this end. Her advice and her interviews have added a bit more to our adult section and I've appreciated her time and knowledge. I know Ally hopes someone out there, or even a collective of folks, might be interested in filling her shoes. I hope so.

Now the ugly. Congresswoman Martha McSally has agreed to do a town hall meeting with constituents in Sahuarita. Sounds great, right? She's finally being that lion warrior she claims she is, well, not really.

On Thursday, Feb. 23 (our publish date), McSally holds a town hall in Sahuarita (4 p.m. at The Good Shepherd United Church of Christ, 17750 S. La Cañada Drive) taking questions from the audience and answering those emailed. However, it remains unclear if all questions will be filtered prior to the meeting. The meeting will be moderated by Green Valley News editor Dan Shearer. Questions can be emailed to Dan at dshearer@gvnews.com.

There's going to be another town hall that same day with an empty chair representing McSally at St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church, 5:30 p.m. organized by the group McSally Take a Stand. McSally told organizers, who have been trying to meet with the congresswoman for months, that she will not attend. Somehow it feels like bullshit agreeing to go with a town hall in the more conservative area of her district on the same day as the other.

— Mari Herreras, mari@tucsonlocalmedia.com

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