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Give us more than one candidate, please

In the Democratic Primary when Janet Napolitano ran for governor of Arizona in 2002, there were three other Dem candidates vying for the chance to run against the Republican Party choice. That candidate was Matt Salmon and Napolitano won.

Looking back at that election, it's hard to understand why the state Democratic Party seems to think running single candidates for important state races is the way to go.

Yes, Fred Duval made some campaign mistakes when he ran against Doug Ducey for governor, but maybe one of the first mistakes wasn't made by Duval, but the Democrats for giving us one candidate to choose from.

Last week, state Senator Steve Farley let it out that he's considering a run for governor against the Douchey in 2018. Farley, a Tucson Democrat who seems well-loved in his district, would be a great candidate.

I like Farley. I like his Tucson values. But I hope, please political Jeebuz, make the Democratic Party power elite, encourage other people to run too. Maybe you'll find out that more than one candidate in crazyland is actually a good idea that gets people excited and interested in a race and out to vote.

If you do this, it will make me and others finally feel that the state Democratic Party actually cares about such things. Let's see what happens. Jeebus 2018.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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