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The holiday season has officially started with Thanksgiving. By the way, happy turkey day or whatever you celebrated on Nov. 24. I know we can argue about the official start date being when you first see Christmas decorations go up at COSTCO, but wasn't that back in September? Doesn't count. I'm going to be a traditionalist here.

I also know that this season isn't easy for many of us. It should be, right? The fun of gathering with friends and family, along with the music, bright decorations and constant reminder that we should be merry. But sometimes this season does just the opposite for most.

If you're in this predicament this year, I completely understand. I really do.

On the social media coaster, I might be blasting some gratitude lists just to cope. I guess, that's kind of a warning, but for me, it usually works. Here's a work-related one, just for the fun of it:

I have a job.

I work with some amazing people and I'm lucky I get to check in with them once in awhile to hear about their families and lives (However, this week, our amazing receptionist Sheryl Kocher is magic).



The lady I chat with in the back our office building when I take a break from production. I should get her name some day, but she's really cool and makes me smile.


Freelancers. I don't think I thank you enough.


Delivery food drivers.

And last, because it's important right now: John George. He's been coming in every Monday afternoon to help us with proofing. He wonderful, fun to chat with and brings some light to our office that we really need once in a while.

So cheers, folks. Take care of yourselves. Thank you.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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