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Cyclovia, thank you

During Sunday's latest Cyclovia route I felt buoyant and happy, but when I got to Alvernon Way riding toward the Tucson Botanical Gardens, in my mind I was queen of the open road ready to help my fellow bicyclists take over Tucson.

I was flying and I noticed other people were, too. Thank you, Cyclovia. Thanks for the much-needed break from elections and my doldrums. Thanks for giving me a moment of joy, the kind we've all experienced in our childhoods. With the wind blowing in my hair I felt free, leading my posse through our concrete jungle. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of Tucson neighborhoods I don't always drive through. Thanks for all the smiles I encountered along the way and the cool tunes I heard. Thanks for the reminder that people in Tucson are fun and friendly. We are a sweet lot, and I'm so happy you exist. Ride on.

— Mari Herreras, mari@tucsonlocalmedia.com

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