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This week, yes, we finally dish out endorsements. Yes, I know, not every office is given its due, but we’ve taken a few shots at offices that we know some people are still scratching their heads over, such as the Pima County Sheriff’s race and yes, TUSD school board.

There are a few other races there and reminders, such as the fact that Pima County Superintendent Ally Miller has a Dem challenger. Like our political cartoon master Rand Carlson said a couple of weeks ago in Random Shots: Ally is the pickle, so you know, vote for Bickel. It’s the right thing do folks.

Less crazyland in Pima County is better for everyone. TUSD is one of those difficult endorsements and it has been for many an election season. We are asking you to vote for incumbents Kristel Foster and Cam Juarez, but with some trepidation recognizing that they have challenges, but knowing they can do better. Please, this time round, if elected, do better. We know you can. Betts Putnam Hidalgo, however, needs your vote, deserves it and the district will only flourish, including the current board majority, with her leadership. There’s more … and here’s an extra for good measure … retire McCain. It’s time.

Kirkpatrick isn’t my favorite Democrat and she has some explaining to do here and there, but I think she can easily handle the office. McCain, however, needs to retire and write a book about his days when Republicans were real and not just a mythology that comes up when we think about Goldwater. And let me be clear from my last diatribe complaining about the state of national politics.

I am voting Hillary Clinton. I’m not angry that my Bernie didn’t win. I’m no third party person, hanging on to Gary or Jill. No way. I wish Clinton was less hawkish, but I recognize what we have before us. I’ll be proud to see a woman make it to this office, especially someone who has dedicated her life to public service. Enough arguing around the dinner table. Vote. If your uncle tells you he voted for Jill and not Hillary, give him a hug. Let’s move on and put this state of Trump and white nationalist bullshit we’ve been dealing with behind us.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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