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This is all of us today.

I am tired. In my household we decided to treat Oct. 1 the way you would treat the New Year—it's the day we've given up some bad habits to trade in for good one's, which includes regular exercise and eating right. The usual.

But I don't think my bad habits have anything to do with being tired, albeit a little, maybe. I don't think it's reaching to say that the problem is political fatigue.

I'm tired of this election season and I can't wait for it to end. I can't. Years ago, I think there was a time politics and these political seasons excited me. Now, not so much. Yes, this season has everything to do with Trump and nothing to do with any internal wrestling on who gets my vote.

Maybe it has to do with my lack of understanding on why we are here to begin with—why a large part of our electorate feels Trump is presidential material.

But after Sunday family dinner last weekend, I changed my mind while I discussed local elections when someone asked if the Tucson Weekly was doing endorsements (we are, stay tuned).

I went into my normal diatribe on the Democratic Party (my family's party), and why we don't see enough viable candidates on the ballot—from state-wide to local elections. My opinion.

Maybe I have more in common with the basket of deplorables, minus the deplorable. Maybe they feel left behind, neglected and ignored by the political system. Maybe that's why certain populations we complain don't vote have a good reason to stay home. Watching the Trump and Clinton debate rehashed on Saturday Night Live made me laugh, but it also made me sad. This system needs an overhaul after we survive this. How does that start?

Look, it's almost over. If you haven't registered to vote, what they hell are you waiting for? Deadline is Oct. 10. Early voting starts Oct. 12. Nov. 8 is Election Day and Nov. 9, let's make a pack to meet at the Buffet.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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