Editor's Note

Dear Ally,

Well, Supervisor Miller, you've won your primary race for the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Let me be one of the first people at Weekly World Central to congratulate you.

Am I surprised? You bet. I think most Tucsonans are going to be surprised. But then reality sets in. This really isn't a normal time for politics anywhere in this country, so why should Pima County be any different? You've run your office on political suspicions, fear mongering and creating divisions where they never existed. Is this the first time Pima County has had an oddball supervisor on the board? Nope. Chuck Huckelberry has been to this dance before, so I guess, if there's going to be a final winner here, it may end up being our county administrator. No one is bugging your office, dear. No one is really that interested in any of the conversations going on inside. You've had enough ex-employees explain what life inside Miller Time is really like, and there have been enough incidents this year alone. (Please see the Aug. 25 Skinny by Jim Nintzel for a scary overview). It's those incidents that made me think voters would want someone different in that office. I've been thinking about the late former Pima County Supervisor Ann Day. Her office was amazing. Her constituent services were top notch and her office cared for people in her district brilliantly (and sometimes people outside her district). Once in awhile she and outgoing Supervisor Ray Carroll, Republicans of the board, would do a few things to be a pain in Huckelberry's side. But both of them make constituent services a priority. They didn't have time for a tea bagger war. I guess there's still someone out there with the last word who has nothing to do with the voters—the state Attorney General, who has an ongoing investigation of your office. We continue to look forward to writing about you. Even if you make it obvious the media aren't your best friend by barring them from your campaign event, you remain a generous friend who provides newspapers with lots of stories.

Thanks and cheers,

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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