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Call me Ms. Grumpy Pants

I admit I've been grumpier than usual. Yes, I have that Grumpy McBritches side on occasion like anyone else, but for the most part I do try to be positive and have some moments of sanity and clarity in which happiness is ultimately in my grasp. This is due to my kid, who literally makes most of my nights based on the fact that he seems to love every dinner I make him.

How can a mom ever complain again? Seriously, every meal I whip together, he seems to love. I really appreciate that about my kid, because, as many of you know who have family—running home after work to make dinner is sometimes the last thing you really want to do.

Some nights, especially when newspaper production is a bit crazier than usual, I just want to have the couch to myself and watch Game of Thrones reruns and eat some tacos from my neighborhood comfort spot, Sonoran Delights.

Anyway, in this little space of mine, I want to issue a few apologies and tell you something very, very cool.

First, huge apologies to artist Rand Carlson. His political comic Random Shots was inadvertently left out of last week's paper. Rand has been with us, well, it seems like forever. We appreciate him so much and love his work—both the illustrative variety on our pages and his art. He has a great big Tucson heart. We have a double dose of him in this week's paper that I know you will love.

In Dust Devil, we feature a poem from someone in Tucson who is very enthusiastic about poetry and getting in the paper. Mark has been waiting a long time, and yes, I admit I am not always the most patient person to talk to on production days. Mark, you're in the paper a second time, and I imagine you will be in Dust Devil again. We appreciate everyone who contributes to this odd bit of space we set aside every week for poetry and flash fiction. There's a cue and it can become an exercise of patience, but due to the nature of the space, we also don't have time to let everyone know when they will make it in. I suggest going to your neighborhood coffee joint where a TW rack is located, and check in to see if you are published.

The good news: Beginning next month we are bringing back some important back page and opinion content we took a break from while we restructured a bit—Savage Love and Ask a Mexican. I'd like to say News of the Weird will be in the mix, but I don't want to get my Shot in the Dark friends or boyfriend overly excited before it actually happens. But there is a chance.

Thanks, dear readers for making it clear those are needed parts of our paper and your Weekly experience. We got it from the beginning, but it took a bit of time. Also, thanks for the good wishes we get, too. Yes, we get those letters and messages and calls—you, reader, the one who calls almost every week with dispatch from your book group—I appreciate you. I appreciate you all. I appreciate you more even when I'm grumpy.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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