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Best of Tucson … soon … very soon

Last weekend we completed the second and last round in voting for your favorite people and places for Best of Tucson 2016.

Our favorite issue of the year comes out Oct. 20 with a Tucson-special lotteria theme and yes, all the readers picks that represent what makes Tucson unique and not that other place up north. Even the kid looks forward to this issue, scouring the pages for what readers picked for best comic spot and best pizza—things in our household that are of the utmost importance. Huge thanks to you, dear readers. Once again we broke records this year in the number of voters—four thousand more than 2015. You're amazing. We know we ask a lot of you who dare participate each year, requiring that you fill in at least 30 answers on the online ballot in order for it to county. We appreciate the time you put it. Want to help again? I need some new ideas for the payday dinners the kid I do each month. The kid would eat sushi each time if I let him. What's out there that you recommend that perhaps hasn't been on our radar? A little neighborhood joint or something ethnic that the kid needs to be exposed to? Email me please at mari@tucsonlocalmedia.com.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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