Editor's Note

A Working Vacation

Last time I was able to take two weeks off, I remember thinking to myself what vacation really means. I was riding in the back of a car in England, headed to an airport to fly off to Prague for an amazing weeklong adventure somewhere I'd never been before. That Editor's Note was sent via a text message.

Amazing what technology affords us—the good and the bad. The good: Being able to send the note to begin with. The bad: Never being able to fully disconnect.

This time round, my responsibilities are larger, which means I have to respond to the demands of work no matter what. But I'm penning these lines while sitting on the deck of a family member's house, looking out at the Pacific Ocean and taking the time to catch up.

In a few days, I'll finally have that time to disconnect when I no longer have phone service at Yosemite National Park, where I'll be making a quick visit before driving back home.

You take what you can get in the time needed to regroup. Those who own businesses understand this better than I do. But I am not complaining. More than anything I am grateful for the people in the office who've allowed me to have this time—in particular, Chelo Grubb, Brandon Hays and Jim Nintzel.

There are things I've always loved about the newspaper biz that aren't always obvious because so much happens behind the scenes. I've often likened newspaper work to the work that happens in theater. Everyone has a role and the team comes together to help move a newspaper along in every phase, including production. I've always liked that production part that brings it all together before we take a bow and catch our breath before we get up and do it all over again. It's the part that isn't glamorous and doesn't get a lot of attention, but one I enjoy nonetheless.

So a big thank you to those that have allowed me to take a breath, refocus and take care of myself. I'll have to bring back some cool souvenirs to make up for the headaches, but I wanted everyone to know how grateful I am for the time away and for your help and team spirit.

See you soon, Tucson. Here's hoping you'll be a bit cooler and rain-soaked as I make the drive in.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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