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Gun Tired

Another mass shooting tragedy in Orlando, the likes of which our LGBT community has never seen before, is of course unsettling and sad.

In Tucson, we count ourselves as experienced in this world of gun violence—what at times seems without resolution. I'm tired of politicos and lobbyists who remain part of the problem, never coming to the table with a solution. Those same people are quick to release social media statements saying they are saddened by tragedy after tragedy. Here's the deal: Hundreds of Tucsonans may have shown their grief and outrage on Fourth Avenue Sunday night and we may have shown our grief at the dozens of other tragedies that have occurred before Orlando—but it isn't enough.

Do we have to have more of these tragedies before citizens are tired of semi-automatic weapons being available? Maybe we do—because obviously what's taken place so far has yet to create the organizing groundswell needed to pressure lobbyists to back off and pressure politicians to create the policy changes we hear cries for after every tragedy.

Perhaps this will turn the tide. Perhaps something will grow from this. I hope so. Right now we can cling to hope, but it is useless without action.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

PS: Quick change in topic, but important reminder: We are in the midst of the second round of voting for Best of Tucson. We're breaking records again. Please, be part of that and helping us recognize local businesses in Tucson. They appreciate it and we appreciate it.

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