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Voting No on Prop 123

Everyday my work email receives an update or an endorsement from the Yes for Arizona Schools group set up to support Prop 123, the school funding fix-all introduced by our state legislators. Well, most of them. The endorsements, even from the likes of Fred DuVall, are really not helping to win me over.

The guy ran a terrible campaign in Southern Arizona, leaving us with Mr. Ice Cream. Yes, Arizona's public education system is seriously underfunded, but Prop 123 is not the cure-all. What about the teachers? This is what friends and family keep asking me. They are still scratching their heads because in all earnestness they want to do the right thing by our teachers—they want them to have raises, they want their classrooms to be funded and they want Arizona to be higher than 50th in per-pupil state spending.

I want all those things too, but just because they have a few Democrats on board and a few teachers in those endorsements I get in my email, I can't support Prop 123.

The legislators who approve this proposition, and the governor pushing it through, well, I can't stop reminding myself they don't represent me. They are the reason we live in crazyland. They are the reason we are in this predicament and rather than do the right thing, they've come up with this proposition that will actually cap future spending and get the green light to ignore what voters wanted in 2000 when they approved Proposition 301 that required the state to increase funding to keep up with inflation every year. I'm also certain, that in the end, this will damage the land trust, too, which is supposed to provide revenue by spending only some of the interest. Like the way these lawmakers have cleverly swept other funds into their grubby little hands over the years, this is no different. Prop 123 isn't the fix.

I can't imagine that we should all of a sudden have a different attitude about this state crazyland Legislature. Yes, absolutely, trust is a factor on Prop 123 passing. I don't trust this group to do right by our students and public education, so I'm voting no on Prop 123.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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