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Election Grumbles Rumbles

You've watched the debates, right? Either to educate yourself on the candidates or for pure entertainment value, I hope you've taken in a few as the election season has progressed. Arizona's Presidential Preference Election is March 22.

Yes, March 22. The voter registration deadline is Feb. 22. Remember, you have to be registered in the party of the person you want in office—yo, independents! Love Cruz, register Republican. Love Clinton, register Democrat. Early voting begins Feb. 24, so if you're on the early ballot list, you'll see that in the mail and cast your vote, well, early.

I prefer the neighborhood polling place myself, but to each their own.

I'm certain every Tucson household is experiencing the same thing, unless you and your families have sworn to leave politics outside when you visit each other (however, I'd remind you that just isn't Tucson. Families talk politics)—Hillary vs Bernie. Sure, I'll out myself.

I don't know if Republican families are arguing about voting for Cruz or the big guy from New Jersey. In my family we lightly argue about voting for Hillary, who could be our nation's first woman president, or Bernie because we like his ideas. Is there a special place in hell for women who vote Bernie?

Most of those troublesome 20-something women I know are all voting for Bernie and they all identify as feminist. I don't think they are going to hell. I think they are worried about their futures and every reason to worry—college debt, low wages, not the same health benefits packages their parents once enjoyed and a mess of a world.

We're one big family, though, so it makes sense in election seasons that we argue a bit about the candidates we love. Making this about gender and if you're a "real" feminist, well, that's not going to fly with this group of young people. Believe me, I work with them. They make me kind of proud.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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