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"So where were the spiders?"

David Bowie did not bring world peace into this world, but so what? I think this to myself in response to a friend's comment on my Facebook feed that he doesn't understand the reverence for the late musician. In bed around 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning, I found out Bowie died, reading a story just posted by the Guardian.

My son, at his dad's, will be up in about four hours. I post the news on his feed letting him know I'll be playing our Ziggy Stardust CD that morning, thinking of him. Not everyone may get the Bowie mourning taking place right now that broke the internets all week.

To each their own. However, sharing that news with my son was important. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is a well-worn CD that lives in my car and by some miracle has no scratches or dried coffee stains. When my son and I play the CD, which is often, it's played loud with the car windows down (my apologies), and we sing along. We've memorized almost every lyric, and we've analyzed each in earnest, as well as being silly: "One day we will ask Bowie in an interview, 'So, about the Spiders? Where were they?'" We sing and we laugh.

The album also opened an interest my son now has in concept albums and has moved on to other bands. However, in the car, when we aren't having serious conversations or catching up on comics. It's always this album (or a Ramones greatest hits the kid gave me for Mother's Day). Bowie didn't bring the world peace, but besides making my own childhood a little easier and lovely, he gave me amazing moments with my son continuing to prove to my family how important music will always be for us and continues to connect us.

The kiddo is listening to Blackstar right now. Music and how we connect with our kids are gifts. Thanks, Mr. Bowie, from a grateful mom who loves to rock out with her kid in the car and in life. A little corner of peace in my world.

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