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Year-End Hope

As I write this Editor's Note—my last note of the year—I'm sitting in a cabin in Pinetop, Arizona, surrounded by my love's family and wondering if carbs will always be my downfall. Carbs and a good tequila.

I'm missing my son and looking forward to spending time with him the rest of his winter break. In this winter-wonderland quiet, I am also thinking of next year—what happens n 2016 in life, family, community and country.

In that same contemplation, I was looking at the Dec. 25 issue of The Week, a magazine that brings all U.S. and international media together. It's a good read that my family recently discovered. The magazine's Editor's letter was particularly striking: a brief analysis of the Donald Trump campaign and how Americans feel right now. "Ours is a country founded on hope. But Americans seem to be increasingly defined by what we fear. Which frightens you more: Islamic terrorism, or anti-Islamic bigotry? Too much surveillance, or too little? Climate change, or intrusive government regulation? Angry white men with weapons, or government confiscation of all guns? Racist cops, or lawlessness? The hijacking of the democratic process by corporations and billionaires, or a creeping socialism that promises nearly everyone a lifetime of government benefits."

Tomorrow will be 2016. I read that letter and wondered, what will we choose next year? Fear? Ignorance? Hope? Perhaps we've forgotten one additional fear: I fear we've abandoned hope, which is why we embrace fear.

However, we know that fear never helps us in the end in how we navigate life or our government. It backfires and provides us a history that we will always look back on in disbelief and wonder. Hope. Cheers to hope in 2016. And thank you, Tucson. I've spent a year in this managing editor's chair. It isn't always a fun ride, but most days, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Plus I work with an amazing group of people at Tucson Local Media.

I'm lucky. I'm hopeful. I also want to kick fear in the ass.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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