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Life, life, baby

The nice thing about the fact that the Tucson Weekly is a small staff is that, for better or worse, we are like a little family and I know a few of us have our Hank Williams' moments from time to time. Sometimes that's when a trip to the drug store down the street is in order to purchase chocolate to share—a way to commiserate during our production of the paper before sending her off to the press. Newspaper people are a difficult lot—sometimes we're hard to get to know and love, but we're working on it, ever-evolving just like the rest of humanity, hopefully. And when the shit hits the fan in life, striking that balance between stories and life. So readers, I guess, I'm just letting you know that if you're having a Hank Williams moment in your life, too, I wish I could buy you a beer and some chocolate. Let's hang in there.

Meantime, inside this issue is our 2015 Best of Tucson. Maybe it will brighten your day. We worked hard on it—read my note inside to learn more and try all these wonderful places picked by our readers. Oh, and one more thing: When that beer and chocolate stop working, I know from experience that Tumamoc does the trick. Maybe I'll see you up there soon. Be well.

— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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