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Love you, Ruth

Last week's Supreme Court decision that makes same-sex marriage legal in every state of the country seemed to be a well-orchestrated ruling as Pride festivals were taking place in big and large cities throughout the nation (except here because we are sane when it comes to dealing with summer heat, so we celebrate Pride in October.). In Tucson, we still took to the streets in happiness, and Facebook feeds were littered with rainbow flag covered-profile pictures.

Last year, Arizona had its moment when it became the 31st state to recognize same-sex marriages—but the significance of the Supreme Court ruling deserved every local cheer and tear. I thought about a story I wrote several years ago that we called "Paper Marriage," on what many LGBT couples have had to do in order to protect their assets, children and property. It required a very expensive trip to an attorney who drew up every power of attorney known to human kind, along with a stack of other documents. While some of my LGBT friends posted photos with their husbands and wives, some locked in kiss and many holding up marriage licenses they've gotten in other states before the ruling, other friends lamented about marriage and that these protected rights needed to be extended to everyone.

Of course they are right—we can debate the sanctity of marriage until we both pass out. It's a useless argument and was equally useless against those who took that road against same-sex marriage. Sure, I'd like to see rights extended to everyone who decided they don't need a marriage license to visit their life-long partner in the hospital or protect their assets (until that happens, you're going to have to visit an attorney and have tons of documents drawn up), but right now, this is a fight that was won and worth celebrating. I don't care to debate if I believe in marriage (I don't), but let's recognize LGBT organizers and their allies who put up a good fight, didn't give up and send some love to the five justices (Love you, Ruth) who decided legalizing same-sex marriage was the American thing to do.

—Mari Herreras

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