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Yo, Have You Voted?

Heart to heart here. We thought about changing the Best of Tucson. Thought about making the reader votes secondary and make our opinion first. After all, someone said, don't people want to know the real best place to get produce and not that chain store that sometimes wins. But no, readers, no. That idea was tossed out. Actually, more like stomped on by a few of our staffers who reminded me and everyone else that the annual Best of Tucson is the issue by and for our readers. It's that one time, that one time we ask for your opinion and we celebrate your opinion. I love Tucson. I always say I love it for all its beautiful, weird and ugly—we have plenty so that means my heart is pretty full for this city of ours. I love it when we rise up against crazyland and I love it when we make our own culture and revel in it. I love my family's hands in some of the old buildings and intersections going back more than 100 years. I love your family's hands in our art and lives. So yep, enough love fest or we will have to get a room. Back to Best of Tucson, and you and the fact that I've just reminded you that it is an issue that really is all about you and voting this first round ends June 15. It starts up again on June 19 with a multiple-choice ballot. It's time to get your choices and loves in the running. It's time for you to vote.


— Mari Herreras, mherreras@tucsonweekly.com

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